Tired of spending time on content marketing that doesn’t convert?

This guide is for you

Do you feel like you’ve been following all the advice about content marketing — with disappointing results?

Most of the advice out there about auditing your content strategy is aimed at big B2B and B2C companies with plush marketing budgets. As a consultant, coach, or other solopreneur, a lot of the existing advice simply won’t work for you.

But getting a targeted content marketing strategy doesn’t need to require a marketing department. I'll show you how you can audit your own content simply and effectively, by targeting your efforts and working smarter, not harder.

This guide is for coaches, consultants, speakers, and other solopreneurs who want to convert their audiences into clients.

5-step guide to revamping your content marketing strategy

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In this guide I’ll teach you:

  • How to structure your content marketing funnels.
  • Why it’s more efficient to work backwards from your offers and services, rather than focusing on pumping out as much content as possible.
  • How to identify conversion points in your sales process and use content to support them more effectively.
  • How to audit and evaluate your existing content.
  • How to use my simple content evaluation rubric to see at a glance where each piece of content fits in your buyer’s journey.
  • How to identify gaps in your content marketing funnels.
  • The best strategy for filling those gaps.

Plus, I’ll send you two sample content marketing strategies you can steal for your own consulting, coaching, or speaking business.