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for thought leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants who have a passion for their work and a story to tell

Hi! I'm Jessie.

My ghostwriting clients coach startup founders and small business owners. They consult with Fortune 500 companies on leadership and team culture. They lead movements. They're often writers themselves who have big ideas and powerful messages — they're just missing the time and bandwidth to sit down and turn those ideas into a book.

As a freelance writer for over a decade, my background is content marketing for B2B SaaS companies, speaking to decision makers in industries ranging from sales and marketing to retail, accounting, and higher education. I'm happiest working with clients who have servant hearts and passion for their work, whatever their industry.

Along with ghostwriting business books for my clients, I'm the author of productivity guides From Chaos to Creativity and From Big Idea to Book (both from Microcosm Publishing).

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  • Passionate clients: I only work with clients who love what they do — it's more fun for both of us that way!
  • Servant heart: My best clients have generous hearts, and approach their audience in a spirit of service. 
  • Doing things right takes time: Some things work well under intense time pressure, but writing a book isn't one of them. Estimate 3-6 months to complete a book from the beginning of our engagement.
  • You have my full attention: I don't overbook myself, which means when we're working together, I won't be juggling a dozen other clients. That does mean that if you're interested, you should get on my schedule sooner rather than later. 

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