The Key to Your Next Consulting Job: Your Past Experience

(Note: This post first appeared October 23, 2017 on Nation1099.)

Have you been holding off becoming an independent consultant because you’re not sure you have the experience? Maybe you’re worried you’re not “expert” enough. Or, are you already working as a consultant and want to expand your consulting business? Maybe you’ve become a little too comfortable in your current role and would like to find a consulting job in a broader range of fields.

Either way, here’s the good news: if you’ve been successfully freelancing, successfully consulting or successful in an office working a 9 to 5, you are more ready than you realize.

You have valuable experience and expertise to impart, whether that’s from working in a specific industry, holding a strategic role or having a knack for a certain skill.

The transition to becoming a consultant or expanding your consulting reach can be swift and simple if you approach it deliberately.

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Photo by Jamie Templeton on Unsplash